At Intact Logistics, we consider our people to be our most valuable resource. We are proud of their dedication, passion, and support for the business as well as the alignment of their goals and dreams with our common vision.

HR Vision

Through its people, policies, and processes, the company achieves excellence by delivering its vision, mission, and values to all levels.

HR Mission

We aim to establish a culture that is focused on performance and employs measurements to assure ongoing improvement. We also strive to create a workplace that respects and values people from different backgrounds and encourages all employees to perform at their highest level. Our company’s success is made possible by the diverse range of skills, life experiences, and viewpoints that each person brings to the workplace.

HR Objectives

The HR objectives come into the following categories:

  • Maintaining transparency.
  • Creating a culture of high performance.
  • High-quality processes delivery.
  • Developing talent and creating leadership capabilities.
    alignment with the company’s strategic goals.

Our greatest asset is our workforce, so we give them with a comprehensive benefits package that keeps them and their families happy and well, lets them take time off, helps them save money, and enables them to secure their financial future.

These are some of our Standard Perks and Benefits:

  • Paid Leaves, Sick Leaves, and Casual Leaves in accordance with Company Policy and HRD Guidelines.
  • 12 National & Public Holidays.
  • Insurance.
  • Incentive programs.
  • Bonus.
  • Fund for Provident.
  • ESIC.
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Our well-structured training and development approach supports learning, which is a constant activity. We at Intact Logistic create an environment where each individual is encouraged to learn, impart knowledge, and teach others. Based on these determined demands, employees receive training to advance their knowledge and abilities.

Due to these programs’ success, we now have more precision, fewer damages, and better understanding. Significant gains have been made in productivity and customer satisfaction with our service. Employees who receive ongoing training can improve and get ready to take on jobs with more responsibility. Both internal and external trainers, who are subject matter experts, deliver the training.

Onboarding: We extend a warm welcome to all new employees. At Intact Logistic, you will be given all the tools you need on your first day of work. For each new hire, a unique induction program is created and put into practice.

Succession Planning:Providing opportunities for continual learning through training and feedback to improve a person’s knowledge or skill in leading others.

Skill Gap Analysis:The analysis of the skills gap enables us to comprehend the mismatch between the abilities present in a region and those required by business. The primary study data from the Skills Gap Analysis is intended to help you understand the skills and subskills of the current workforce.

Spot Performance: There is no prerequisite for receiving SPOT Performance Awards in terms of time spent working. Awards for SPOT can be given out at any time of the year.

Recognition for Loyalty: Loyaltyworks is aware of employees’ challenges. Our staff motivation and engagement program would also increase our bottom line.

Employee of the Month: The award for employee of the month was established by specific business sectors. Employees receive these honors in order to show appreciation for their great work.

Employee of the Quarter: Employees that exhibit a kind, professional demeanor, superior client care, and adherence to company regulations are recognized with this honor. The essential requirements are adherence to our basic principles, innovation, helping coworkers, displaying good people and customer service abilities, and a track record of high attendance.

Long Service Awards: Employees who complete five years and ten years with the organization are rewarded for their loyalty.

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